Knowing Math is Doing Math . . .

We often hear that practice makes perfect! 

Professional athletes fervently hold to this philosophy as they spend hours and hours practicing their skills. 

This holds true for mastering any academic subject, especially mathematics. Knowing and mastering mathematics requires students to spend time practicing and "doing" the math. Students should be encouraged to practice problems, not until they get one right but until they can not get it wrong. With busy schedules, it is difficult to find the time for this practice. 

Let Tutors901 help!  

What our families are saying!

As we get ready to start a new school year and I reflect on the fact that my child was literally on the kitchen floor in tears during your first virtual meeting, I am so grateful for your kindness and willingness to share & do what you love & have a gift for! Thank you for saving high school for both her and our whole family! Great job teaching Algebra 1 this past year! You helped her pull her math test scores up and entire tier in one year! And she was much higher than the school average! Nice job teaching school all year! Stacy S

My son had lost a lot of confidence after last year and I am seeing a complete change. He has been coming home, excitedly telling me about calculus (which all goes right over my head). He used to love all things math, and I am seeing that spark in him again. Thank you for working with him. – Adrienne T.

The tutoring, coaching and guidance that you provided to my daughter was so appreciated! She could not be prouder of doing well on her assessment and her ability to confidently advance to geometry. Thank you so much for everything!! Sheryl J.